Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Is It Just Me

Today I did it... exactly what I never want to be accused of doing... I sat on the computer for 2 hours. I started out looking for something specific (I can't even remember what that was now) and I started looking at peoples blogs and then the blogs they followed, etc., etc.

I was amazed by how many of the bloggers were stay-at-home, organizing, frugal, Christian, crafty, homeschooling, tree huggers with a weekly menu plan women!

Now I am most of those things, so don't get upset if you fall in that list.

* I am a stay-at-home mom that carries an EXTREME amount of guilt about having this gift.

* I like to organize, have some things organized and would love to have everything organized. If I don't spend part of every day looking for something that has been misplaced call 911 because I'm dead.

* I'm frugal- to a point. Yes buying in bulk saves money. Coupons and sales save money also. But I don't take ketchup packets from restaurants and squeeze them into my bottle at home.

* I'm Christian- but I'm a struggling Christian. I have a lot of questions and I don't have matching faith. I want to, but there's something missing and I'm still searching for that.

* Crafty- ok that is me.

* Homeschooling- all I have to say if HA!

* I have lived in Colorado, which by Nebraska standards makes a person a waffle stomping tree hugger. I am not a green freak. I recycle the things I can, (considering where I live) paper and chipboard, printer ink cartridges, pop cans. I'm starting to save plastic and glass- I can drive these to Laurel and drop them off (it'll be a 30 mile round trip just for recycling so I'm less motivated with this idea). We've changed most of our light bulbs.

* I sometimes have a weekly menu planned. The problem with that weekly plan is life... it sometimes gets in the way of my perfect plans!!! So I'm trying to find some ways around the weekly planning that will still produce the same effect.

Ok, ok -so get to the point Jennifer. The point is that I spent 2 hours looking at these. It was very interesting to take a small glimpse into a person's life. Some where inspiring, some boring and some had just off the wall ideas (from my point of view).

I've been toying with the blog thing for a long time now (since 2006). I primarily just wanted it to be a stop for family and friends to see some pictures, that kind of stuff. A place to check in and get little more indepth that Facebook but not as much as a 3 page letter with photos. I really need to take my own advice from January and follow through with it- succeed at keeping everyone up to date! Nothing preachy or poetic- although I will blog for money. Just some of our funny stories and some pictures.

We'll see, maybe I'll get it done!

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