Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fresh start #? ......

I would really hate to pour back through my blog posts and see just how many times I have made a fresh start. I will just admit it- I am a quitter and a procrastinator. It's a terrible feeling to know you are going to start something and never follow through, but I continue to do it over and over. 

So what's going to make it different this time? Well this time I am going to put some commitment into it because I'm tired of starting the same things again and again. I am hoping that some blogging will help me be a little accountable and hopefully this time I will make it to my goal. 

So I am needing to lose some weight, a minimum of 25 pounds. Ha! I look at that and think 25 pounds isn't much at all but when you have fought that weight for 18 years it becomes a giant obstacle!

I've put some things into play that will hopefully help me be successful. I bought an UP24 band to help track my food, exercise and sleep. We got a membership to the fitness center so I have a place to workout. Next I want to commit to better menu planning- off to a good start this week (more about that later). 

The last thing I need is some prayer. I think that is a place my life is really lacking. As I find myself more anxious and uptight, tired and discouraged, lonely and broken I think it's time to ask for help. So I am starting the search for a good devotional that I can start- hopefully something that can bring me some peace. 

So here I go. Wish me luck!

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