Sunday, April 03, 2011

ABG's (the way I see them!!!)

Respiratory Compensation                    Metabolic Compensation

H2O + CO2                       H2CO3                     H+ + HCO3-

Expelled by lungs                                      Expelled by kidneys

Acid   pH 7.35-7.45    Base
Base   CO2 35-45       Acid
Acid   HCO3 22-26    Base

*Respiratory opposite/ *Metabolic equal


pH = 7.27 (acid)*
pCO2= 38 (WNL)
HCO3= 14 (acid)*    Metabolic acidosis with no compensation (hyperventilation)

pH= 7.53 (base)*
pCO2= 42 (WNL)
HCO3= 34 (base)*    Metabolic alkalosis with no compensation

pH= 7.26 (acid)*
pCO2= 52 (acid)*
HCO3= 29 (base)     Respiratory acidosis with partial compensation

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